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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) therapy use your blood to stimulate skin regeneration and recovery, potentially taking years off your face with a noninvasive treatment. Exosome treatment can stimulate extra collagen growth and expedite healing. At Skin Deep Medical Spa in Highland Park and Glenview, Illinois, Stephen Bloch, MD, is ready to help you reverse aging and capture your most youthful look using these innovative therapies. Call the office nearest you or book online now.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Q & A

What is PRP?

PRP is your blood, only better. PRP therapy uses a concentration of your own platelets to induce recovery, regrowth, and repair, allowing for accelerated healing at the point of injection. 

PRP has many medical and aesthetic applications, including injury healing and skin rejuvenation. 

PRP injections can stimulate skin smoothing, collagen growth, and overall younger-looking skin. Sometimes, PRP infusion follows microneedling. It’s a great way to revitalize your skin with no downtime at all. 

What is PRFM?

PRFM is a more advanced version of PRP. With PRFM, your own blood creates a fibrin matrix. The matrix functions like a 3D scaffold that retains your platelets in the original injection area. That leads to prolonged growth factor release. 

As with PRP, PRFM is great for all types of anti-aging. Because the PRFM keeps the growth factors in one place, it can give you longer-lasting results than PRP treatment. 

How are PRP and PRFM created?

PRP and PRFM creation start the same way, with a small blood sample that’s similar to any normal blood testing. After that, the process diverges. 


To make PRP, your specialist adds anticoagulant to your blood and places it in an advanced centrifuge. Following the first centrifuge, your specialist aspirates the blood and transfers it to another tube with no anticoagulant. 

After another trip through the centrifuge, you get three layers of platelets. These platelets are combined with bovine thrombin and calcium chloride to create the PRP concentrate.


To make PRFM, your Skin Deep Medical Spa specialist doesn’t use any coagulant or other additives. They immediately centrifuge your blood. PRFM centrifuge requires a slower speed because it preserves a natural fibrin clot within the platelets. This fibrin clot is enormously valuable for generating maximum growth factors. 

The processes for PRP and PRFM are very different, but for you as a patient, the experience is very much the same. Both require only a small amount of blood from you, and both treatments are noninvasive and easy.

Skin Deep Medical Spa also offers exosome treatment, which stimulates collagen, expedites healing, and aids in tissue repair. PRP, PRFM, and exosome treatment are all great ways to get impressive results using natural substances. 

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