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Even if you’re otherwise happy with your body, cellulite can make you feel self-conscious and embarrassed about your appearance. At Skin Deep Medical Spa in Highland Park and Glenview, Illinois, Stephen Bloch, MD, uses the most advanced noninvasive cellulite treatments to banish those irritating dimples and give you the smooth skin you deserve. Call either office or use the online scheduler to book your appointment now.

Cellulite Treatment Q & A

What is cellulite treatment?

Cellulite treatment directly targets cellulite deposits on your buttocks, hips, thighs, and other areas where it’s a problem. Unlike fat-reduction treatments like CoolSculpting® or muscle stimulation treatments like CoolTone™, cellulite treatments hone in exclusively on the cellulite. 

Even when you’re healthy, active, and at an optimal weight, cellulite can be very stubborn. Cellulite treatment at Skin Deep Medical Spa relies on a variety of high-tech approaches to smooth out the stubborn skin dimples. 

Is cellulite treatment right for me?

It’s important to understand that cellulite treatment doesn’t focus on fat reduction. If that’s your main goal, CoolSculpting may be better suited for you. 

Cellulite treatment also doesn’t aid in weight loss. But, it’s a great way to get smooth and firm skin in the places where you have dimples and other textural problems. The Skin Deep Medical Spa team can help you decide whether cellulite treatment is the best way to achieve your goals. 

What are the options for cellulite treatment?

Skin Deep Medical Spa offers a wide range of options with various approaches to cellulite reduction, including:

  • Endermologie®: computer-controlled mechanical massage and suction
  • Venus Legacy™: magnetic impulses and radiofrequency
  • Velashape™: radiofrequency, laser, and mechanical massage
  • VASERshape™: ultrasound and zonal lymphatic massage

When you come in for your consultation at Skin Deep Medical Spa, the experienced team discusses your needs and treatment goals to help you decide which cellulite treatment will work best for you. 

How does cellulite treatment work?

Skin Deep Medical Spa performs all cellulite treatments on-site, making it convenient for you to schedule a treatment and get back to your life right away. Most cellulite treatments don’t require any anesthesia because they’re totally noninvasive. 

Cellulite treatment typically takes 30-60 minutes depending on the number of areas you’re treating and the size of the treatment areas. 

How many cellulite treatments do I need?

Everyone is different, but generally, a series of sessions is ideal. You may need anywhere between 3-8 treatments to achieve your goals. Your Skin Deep Medical Spa treatment provider can tailor the treatment as you go to refine your results and get the outcome you desire. 

Learn more about how cellulite treatment can get you the swimsuit-ready shape you want. Call Skin Deep Medical Spa or book an appointment online now.

Individual results may vary.