What is Velashape™?
Velashape™ is a medical device that reduces the appearance of cellulite and safely and effectively re-contours the skin’s surface and body shape. The most commonly treated areas are the stomach, abdomen, love handles, upper arms, hips, thighs and buttocks.


How does Velashape™ work?
Velashape™ combines radiofrequency waves, a laser and a mechanical massage to break up the fat and mobilize the water from tissues to safely and effectively re-contour the skin’s surface, specifically where problem areas of cellulite occur.


How many treatments do I need?
For optimal results, most patients receive eight to ten treatments that last about thirty minutes. There is no downtime with this procedure; patients can resume normal activity immediately following a treatment.

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  • Reduces Cellulite
  • Re-Contours Body Shape
  • Non-Invasive Body Treatment
  • No Downtime
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