Evolve Tite



What is Evolve Tite?

Evolve Tite is the latest, non-invasive treatment that uses RF (rafdiofrequency) energy to regenerate collagen improving and refining the appearance of aging skin. Evolve Tite treatments are quick, comfortable and require zero downtime.


How does Evolve Tite work?

Evolve Tite uses RF (radiofrequency) energy to deliver uniform and volumetric heating to the skin & sub-dermal layers to remodel the skin and improve its appearance. The optimal temperature obtained during Evolve Tite treatments stimulates the body’s natural regenerative response to generate new collagen which leads to skin remodeling and contraction.


What areas can be treated with Evolve Tite?

Almost all areas of the body can be treated with Evolve Tite such as abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms.


What results can be seen with Evolve Tite?

Evolve Tite treatments improve skin elasticity and tightening as well as tissue remodeling. The overall effects of a series of treatments will result in tighter, younger-looking skin.


How soon are results seen from Evolve Tite treatments?

Although some patients may notice an immediate improvement from Evolve Tite treatments typical results are seen gradually and continue to improve over several weeks following a series of treatments.

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