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ThermiRF in Glenview | A Non-Surgical Cosmetic Solution

ThermiRF in Glenview is a non-invasive, FDA-approved skin tightening treatment for the face, neck, and body. Health care providers at Body By Bloch in Glenview, Illinois, use this technology to deliver radio frequency energy that penetrates specific layers of skin, depending on how the operator calibrates it.

Uses of ThermiRF™ in Glenview

The radio frequency device releases heat energy to trigger the increased production of collagen, which is the skin’s main protein that gives its strength, structure and youthful appearance. ThermiRF™ in Glenview also has an intelligence software to ensure it administers a consistent RF dosage and temperature throughout the treatment.

Ideal Candidates for ThermiRF™

This treatment causes the skin to contract through the use of a highly focused thermal energy that penetrates the deeper layers of skin, specifically where the collagen is being produced. It is ideal if you have mild-to-moderate skin laxity, caused often by advancing age, weight loss and accumulated effects of sun exposure.

ThermiRF™ in Glenviem treatment may also be ideal for someone with mild-to-moderate facial skin laxity and fine lines and wrinkles who want to avoid injectables and enjoy results that are longer than injectables. This also is a good alternative to a facelift, particularly for anyone who wants to avoid the prolonged downtime that comes with any surgery-based facial rejuvenation.

ThermiRF™ in Glenview Treatment

Treatment is performed in the comfort of our Chicago area offices, and it is minimally invasive. It involves using cannulas and carefully controlled temperatures to gently heat tissues and stimulate collagen production.

Choosing this treatment can help reduce the need for other rejuvenation or body contouring treatments. However, it may take some time to recover. While you may be able to go home after your procedure, you may want to lay low for a bit and relax as your body heals.

To learn more about ThermiRF in Glenview, contact the experts at Body by Bloch in Glenview, Illinois, to schedule your initial consultation. There is a better way to live and we want you to achieve it! Explore your options to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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