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Skin Tightening via Radiofrequency and BodyTite

As they age, people begin to look for cosmetic improvements utilizing fillers, lasers, and fat melting technology. While aging skin can be freshened up with nonsurgical options like dermal fillers and Botox, sagging skin is one problem that can’t be treated with a filler. Tightening and lifting sagging skin without surgery is possible with radiofrequency technology like BodyTite. Lunchtime radiofrequency facelifts immediately soften fine lines and activate continued firming.

Radiofrequency Stimulates Collagen

Radiofrequency provides a contouring and lifting solution for men and women with sagging, aging skin. Each treatment stimulates the skin’s natural production of collagen. One of the most vital benefits of collagen is its ability to maintain glowing and healthy skin. This important substance provides elasticity and helps the skin to appear younger and healthier. As you age, collagen production naturally declines and fine lines, loose skin, and dryness typically occur. Protecting your skin’s collagen is an important part of combating the signs of aging. When you pinch young skin, it feels thick and full and remains smooth. As you age, collagen begins to deplete and pinched skin feels thinner and does not spring back immediately.

Healthy skin is able to repair and continuously replenish damaged or lost collagen. Smoking, excess sun, pollution, stress, environmental factors and other factors produce free radicals which break down collagen and cause the skin to thin, wrinkle and droop. It’s not too late to initiate the production of new collagen and take care of your collagen now. In addition to exercising, protect yourself from excessive sun exposure and eat a diet full of oxidant rich fruits and veggies. You could also benefit from a skin treatment using radio frequency, which stimulates the production of collagen.

Build Collagen for Firmer, Healthier Skin

Radiofrequency treatments with BodyTite are performed using a machine that heats the skin to a specific, controlled temperature. The treatment is comfortable and the warmth feels similar to a stone massage. Each treatment takes about 30 minutes and can be completed on a lunch break. You could return immediately to work or go out for the evening. An immediate tightening of collagen fibers is experienced and a long-lasting lift with increased volume is activated over the next four to six weeks.

Radiofrequency also softens fine lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth. Instead of BodyTite, the FaceTite treatment tightens the jawline and lifts the cheeks, which reduces the appearance of age and prevents further skin damage. Body treatments are also available with a larger radiofrequency device that utilizes higher temperatures to melt fat and firm and contour while reducing cellulite.

Radiofrequency Candidates

If you are experiencing reduced firmness or if your skin appears dull, you may be considered a good candidate for radiofrequency treatments with BodyTite. Radiofrequency encourages the production of collagen, boosts oxygen levels and promotes skin radiance. Brighter, younger-looking skin is a treatment away. Contact us today at Body by Bloch and schedule your consultation at either of our Chicago area locations in Glenview or Highland Park, Illinois.

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