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Reduce Your Double-chin With Kybella

A double chin can occur either at birth or can develop due to a number of other reasons. For ages, people have tried to eliminate double chins, but there are times when it doesn’t work out. There are exercises that are said to help, but not all of them help everyone with double chin. If there is one procedure that is known to give assured results, it is Kybella.


There are numerous methods available to correct double chin, but how would you know if Kybella is the best one for you? Here are some questions to ask yourself to find out if you are the right candidate to opt for Kybella.

• Do you have a double chin that is making you look older? Sometimes excess fat deposits on the face can result in double chin. This sometimes occurs in women during pregnancy. Losing weight might not be accompanied by the loss of double chin. In cases where weight loss routines do not help address double chin, Kybella might be beneficial.
• Do you naturally have a double chin that has been bothering you? Submental fullness or double chin is not always an acquired condition. It occurs as a natural feature in some.
• Do you want to steer clear of surgeries? Kybella is a non-surgical method and doesn’t involve incisions.


This is a safe, non-surgical injectable treatment method that is used to address the double chin problem. No matter what the cause of the double chin is, this method has been found to show visible results. In the body Deoxycholic acid is found to occur naturally. This acid is known for its ability to break down fat and thus prevent the deposition of fat in unwanted areas.

Kybella consists of a synthetic version of this acid. Closely resembling the natural Deoxycholic acid, this one gets easily absorbed and is found to be pretty safe for administration. The body then uses the injected acid to break down the fat in the chin.


The amount of solution injected will depend on the amount of fat deposits found in the chin. The complete destruction of fat cells will be followed by the reduction and elimination of fat deposition in this area. This is why double chin almost never comes back once the treatment is done.

The length of the session will last on average around 15 to 20 minutes, but the actual length of the procedure and the number of injections given will all depend on the fat deposits and the chin profile of the patient. If sessions have to be repeated, there will be a gap of one month or more between each of them. Ideally, one individual will not exceed more than six injections.

The eligibility criteria for this treatment is pretty simple. There are very few people who might be ruled out for the treatment, including those with inherent skin infections or breastfeeding and pregnant mothers. Most others can confidently go for this method that has been found to show results after one or more sessions, results that last for a lifetime.


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