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Questions Surrounding Laser Liposuction In Highland Park

Liposuction is one of the most popular elective plastic surgery treatment in the United States. Technology and medical knowledge have greatly improved over the last 25 years allowing for a wider range of patient eligibility. There are several types of laser liposuction based on specific machines including CoolLipo, LipoLite, LipoTherme, LipoControl, ProLipo Plus, and SmartLipo. Dr. Steven Bloch of Body by Bloch introduced Slim Lipo, or selective laser induced melting, as the top laser liposuction in Highland Park.

What Is Laser Liposuction?

Laser liposuction in Highland Park is a way to melt stubborn fat cells in a minimally invasive medical setting. This cosmetic procedure differs from traditional liposuction in such that fat is vacuumed out using suction. Laser liposuction, or laser lipolysis, uses heat from fiberoptic lasers to melt body fat; the melted fat is then gently suctioned out. It is a highly effective method of reducing fat pockets that may be resistant to diet and exercise. Best of all, results are permanent when laser liposuction is combined with diet and lifestyle changes.

Benefits of Laser Liposuction in Highland Park

Laser liposuction not only melts stubborn body fat, but it also spurs the production of collagen. This gives the skin a needed boost of elasticity to prevent sagging and excessive stretching. The collagen helps the skin to retract after the fat removal instead of sagging. Our professionals may advise a few days of downtime following your procedure and any pain or bruising is minimal and temporary. Some results are immediate while others will appear gradually over weeks.

About the Procedure

Generally, laser liposuction in Highland Park takes an average of an hour per area being treated. Fat reduction is immediate and permanent and the procedure is safe and effective. During the process, the laser also heats the underlying tissue which promotes collagen production to tighten the skin.

Treatment Areas

Laser liposuction can target stubborn or excessive fat pockets in specific areas of the body, including stomach, upper arms, inner and outer thighs, flanks or “love handles,” the waist, chin, back of neck, and the buttocks.

Am I Eligible?

Laser liposuction allows for a broader range of eligibility than traditional liposuction. It is safe for people of all skin types and tones. Those seeking laser liposuction in Highland Park should be at or near their healthy ideal weight and have not recently undergone surgery. Our staff will review your medications and any pre-existing conditions prior to the procedure.

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Dr. Steven Bloch, founder and director of Body by Bloch, is an internationally recognized Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Contact Body by Bloch to get more information about laser liposuction in Highland Park. Body by Bloch is conveniently located in the Chicago Metro area.

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