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Lifting and Augmenting Your Breasts With Augmentation Mastopexy

An augmentation mastopexy combines a breast augmentation with a breast lift in a single surgical session. The implant is designed to restore breast volume and projection while the lift is designed to elevate the breasts to make them appear more firm and perky. This procedure is performed for both reconstructive and cosmetic purposes.


As we age, the ligaments and skin that hold the breast to the underlying muscle become weak. Asa result, the breasts tend to sag as we grow older. It can be exacerbated by genetics, childbirth, weight loss, and weight gain. Most of the women who opt for an augmentation mastopexy seek to regain the full, perky breasts they once had.

The procedure can help address:

• Hanging or sagging breasts
• Loss of fullness
• Loss of volume and shape
• Stretch marks
• Breast asymmetry


The surgeon will use either IV sedation or general anesthesia based on your preferences. The anesthesia will be administered by a certified anesthesiologist. The surgeon will place the breast implant under the pectoral muscle. Since the additional weight on your chest might accelerate breast ptosis, the implant is placed under the muscle.


Almost all board-certified plastic surgeons perform a breast augmentation along with a breast lift on a regular basis. You’ll experience a similar amount of downtime and receive the combined benefit of both procedures. Another advantage of performing both procedures in tandem is that the amount of skin that has to be removed is considerably less.

Most augmentation mastopexy procedures are done using the partial circumareolar or crescent incision. Only in the case of extremely droopy breasts is a lollipop incision used. Your surgeon will discuss the implant types and sizes with you during the initial consultation.


Your surgeon will assign a date for the surgery after a complete physical exam and blood test to see if there is any underlying medical condition that would disqualify you from having the procedure. You also need to stop smoking at least four weeks before the surgery.

If you are on aspirin or blood thinners, you need to stop taking them a week before the surgery as they can cause excessive bleeding. On the night before the surgery, you are advised to have a light meal and refrain from eating or drinking anything after midnight.


You will be given specific post-operative instructions by your surgeon. You might experience swelling and soreness for about a period of four weeks. If you choose to go for a pain pump, you will have to wear it for at least 2 days after the surgery to minimize post-op discomfort.

You will have your first post-op appointment after a week to have your drains removed. You should be able to resume normal activities after six weeks.


If you suffer from keloids, then you need to tell your surgeon so that you get a good idea of the scarring you can expect. If performed by a board certified plastic surgeon, problems like capsular contracture implant rupture and asymmetry can be avoided completely.


Contact us if you want to combine a breast augmentation with a breast lift to experience the wondrous benefits of both procedures. Dr. Steven Bloch, an internationally recognized board-certified plastic surgeon, can help you achieve amazing results so you can look good and feel great in your own skin.

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