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FAQ | Breast Revision In Glenview

If your breast augmentation surgery has left you with results you find less than desirable, breast revision in Glenview, IL could be a fantastic option to correct the procedure and leave you with a self-image you’ll be pleased with. The professionals at Body By Bloch have prepared the following information to help you make an educated decision about the options available to you.

What Is Breast Revision Surgery?

If a breast augmentation procedure has resulted in suboptimal results, or if the recipient of an augmentation procedure changes their mind, breast revision in Glenview is an outstanding option. Breast implant removal allows a patient to return to their naturally smaller size, and implant replacement can be a procedure that solves the problems of implants that have changed shape or rippled, hardened, or shifted position.

Even optimally placed implants may rupture or leak, and this calls for their replacement. Breast implants typically last for a range of ten to fifteen years, and after this period of time, implant revision surgery may become necessary to maintain an optimal shape and volume.

When Is Breast Revision Surgery Called For?

Many people assume that less than perfect breast implant procedures refer to implants that appear unnatural, but this condition is more commonly appropriate to describe augmentations that don’t have the intended look to them and cause capsular contracture, rippling in the breast implant itself, implant displacement, or other conditions which leave the breast augmentation aesthetically displeasing. These factors can be addressed by breast revision in Glenview.

Which Option Is Better: Removal or Replacement?

Most cosmetic surgeons will recommend replacement over removal, because removal surgery is a more complicated procedure. For some women, removal is the preferred option and may lead to better long-term outcomes. If you and your doctor decide that breast implant removal is the best option for you, breast revision in Glenview is a wonderful way to ensure the outcome you desire.

What Can I Expect After the Procedure?

Breast revision surgery is typically more comfortable than the initial augmentation procedure, and recovery is generally much quicker. Sometimes, any existing scar tissue can also be removed, and this can lead to a slightly longer recovery time. Breast revision surgery patients can generally resume normal activities within several days after the procedure with only minimal effects, similar to the sensations the patient may have experienced after the initial augmentation surgery.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

When larger implants are removed, the natural breast tissue may have a loose or sagging appearance due to the original breast tissue stretching to accommodate the larger implants. With breast revision in Glenview, this can be easily corrected to leave your breasts as attractive as they were before surgery. In some cases, a qualified surgeon will perform a breast lift at the same time as a revision procedure to produce optimal results.

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