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Benefits of a Breast Reduction in Glenview

Although many women seek breast augmentation to go a size or two bigger, there are just as many women who are looking for breast augmentation which takes them a size or two smaller. There are plenty of health reasons for breast reduction surgery. The experts at Body By Bloch in Glenview, IL offer breast reduction in Glenview to help women achieve the body of their dreams.

Although many women realize that breast reduction surgery is available, many do not realize that some of their health issues could be alleviated by breast reduction in Glenview.

Why Breast Reduction Surgery?

Many women with large breasts experience discomfort in different areas of their body. Large breasts often cause the body to be disproportionate. This disproportion can cause strain in different muscles and joints. This can be complicated with age.

The weight of the breasts naturally pull the shoulders forward. This can cause nerve fibers to become compressed. This compression of nerves can cause nagging, ongoing pain for women.

How Does Breast Reduction in Glenview Help?

Breast reduction in Glenview can change the size and the shape of the breasts so that there is not so much strain being placed on the back muscles and spinal column. Once this weight is relieved, many women experience a decrease in back and even hip pain.

In addition to the physical benefits of breast reduction surgery, many women also experience an increase in self-confidence. Many people believe only small-breasted women deal with insecurities about their body, but the same is true of women with overly large breasts. Having the body you have always dreamed of helps you to achieve the self-confidence you have always wanted.

Many women also find that following their surgery, they can finally exercise the way they have always wanted to. Oversized breasts can impede a woman’s ability to work out as she wishes because the weight of the breasts make it difficult to move in certain ways.

How to Tell If I Need Breast Reduction In Glenview

If your breasts are so large they cause you insecurity, consider breast reduction surgery. You may also feel certain physical symptoms including pressure in the shoulder areas caused by your bra straps—a result of the bra supporting too much weight. Back pain and neck pain are also signs that your body is straining to support the weight of the breasts. Some women even experience numbness in their hands and fingers as well as headaches and, in extreme cases, shortness of breath.

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Most women who are relatively healthy are good candidates for breast reduction in Glenview. There are few factors that would restrict your ability to have this procedure done. To learn if you are a good candidate, schedule a consultation with the experts at Body By Bloch in Glenview, IL. If you are ready to get the body you have always dreamed of, reduce your pain and improve your health, get started today by scheduling your consultation.

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