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About Mini Tummy Tuck In Highland Park

A mini tummy tuck in Highland Park often uses a small incision above the pubic region or at the pubic hairline to remove the excess skin in the lower abdomen. It can also possibly tighten the splayed muscle. Plastic surgeons at Body By Block in Glenview, IL perform this variation of abdominoplasty on patients whose tissue laxity is primarily concentrated in the area below the belly button.

Difference Between Standard Tummy Tuck and Mini Tummy Tuck in Highland Park

The standard tummy tuck uses a hip-to-hip incision, while the mini tummy tuck involves a significantly shorter one. Hence, this modified version suits patients who need a smaller amount of correction.

Take note that the right tummy tuck technique depends on the extent and location of your excess skin. For this reason, the standard approach suits massive weight loss patients who have a large amount of redundant skin that may even extend beyond their hips. It may also be suitable for women who have had multiple births. The short-scar tummy tuck favors individuals who only need a small skin excision in their lower abdomen. Due to the shorter incision, a mini tummy tuck in Highland Park often results in quicker recovery than a standard technique.

Nowadays, plastic surgeons who perform mini tummy tucks use different terminologies when describing their techniques to patients. Despite the confusing terms, remember that the best incision technique—its length, shape, and position—boils down to the amount and location of excess skin, your underlying anatomies, and your cosmetic goals and expectations.

The Ideal Candidate for Mini Tummy Tuck

To reiterate, the ideal candidates for a mini tummy tuck in Highland Park have a localized excess skin and fat between the navel and pubic region. Of course, as with any type of body contouring surgery, the right patients for this procedure are healthy, must be near their ideal weight, and have realistic goals and expectations.

Who Is Qualified to Perform a Mini Tummy Tuck?

A good rule of thumb is to choose a plastic surgeon who has been board certified and frequently performs tummy tucks and its complementary procedures such as liposuction and muscle repair. Dr. Steven Bloch has more than 25 years as a board certified plastic surgeon.

To learn more about mini tummy tuck in Highland Park, contact the experts at Body By Bloch in Glenview, IL to schedule your initial consultation.

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