What is Venus FREEZE®?

Based on the innovative (MP)2 Technology, Venus FREEZE® is a non-surgical treatment suitable for various face and body applications including circumference reduction, cellulite improvement, skin tightening and anti-aging. Venus FREEZE®'s dense energy matrix penetrates into multiple layers of the skin, ensuring improved clinical efficacy and noticeably visible results.

How does Venus FREEZE® work?

Venus FREEZE® uses clinically proven (MP)2 technology to create a synergy of magnetic pulses and radio frequency (RF) to deliver superior results. Venus FREEZE® is the only technology that increases collagen synthesis via 2 separate mechanisms, resulting in a dramatic improvement in the skin condition.

How long does a typical Venus FREEZE® treatment take?

Venus FREEZE® treatments typically take 20-60 minutes depending on the area we are treating.

How many treatments before I can see results?

With the patented (MP)2 technology, you often can see results after the first treatment. Long term results can be achieved in as few as 6-8 treatments. With no downtime, your Venus FREEZE® treatment allows you to resume daily activities immediately after treatment.

How safe is the Venus FREEZE (MP)2 treatment?

The Venus FREEZE® treatment is safe for all skin types. Venus FREEZE® promotes natural skin healing without injuring the delicate skin surface. The treatment is so safe that there is no need for cooling gels or sprays.

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