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venus freeze


Venus Free

Venus Freeze® is a combination of magnetic pulsation and radio frequency (RF).

This combination creates dense energy that penetrates multiple layers of your skin. As the energy enters your body it releases a thermal reaction. This reaction disrupts cell structure and sends your body into “tissue healing” mode. It produces an uptick in collagen production and releases constricted elastin fibers.

The results are:

·         A reduction in circumference

·         Improvement in appearance of cellulite

·         Wrinkle reduction

·         Tighter Skin

How does Venus Freeze® lead to weight loss?

As your body temperature is elevated it releases hormones. These hormones automatically search for receptors using your bloodstream as a conduit into the deepest layer of your skin. By themselves these hormones are just a response to bodily stress, but when they find receptors the pairing triggers a metabolic reaction called lipase. Lipase breaks down fat cells into fatty acids. The fatty acids exit your cell structure using the same conduit as the hormones-your bloodstream. The volume of the fat decreases smoothing and contouring your body.

What does it feel like?

The first sensation you feel will be cool and sticky. Here at Chicago’s Skin Deep Medical Spa, Dr. Steven Bloch and his staff always apply gel to the treatment sites first. This application helps the device glide over your skin instead of drag. This leads to the most comfortable non-invasive body contouring experience possible. As Venus Freeze® begins you will feel a pleasant warming sensation.   This sensation continues throughout your treatment session. Most patients compare it to a heated massage and feel very relaxed and at ease. Remember, we are encouraging your body’s natural fat eliminating response. You don’t normally feel it when it happens naturally, adding a clinical boost doesn’t change that, it just helps it happen more efficiently.

Not only does the skin treatment feel nice, it eliminates stubborn fat.

There are areas in your core, arms, hips, and thighs that don’t always respond to diet and exercise. Take pregnancy for example.  During the gestation period, your body chemistry changes in order to support a human life as it develops. After giving birth, many women feel that these chemical changes and the localized weight gain of pregnancy make losing weight difficult. Venus Freeze® has produced dramatic results post pregnancy in as little as two sessions. That’s just one example of what this slimming contouring process can do.

It also gets rid of loose skin.

Skin laxity is one of the main complaints that cause people to look for surgical solutions to anti-aging.

Things like:

·         Jowls

·         Turkey necks

·         Loss of cheek volume

·         Sunken eyes

These are signs of aging that can make a person look older than they actually feel or are. Venus Freeze® finally gives patients a remedy for a more youthful face and body without surgery. All it takes is smooth consistent movements on the skin and you get quick painless results.

Is it a suitable remedy for weight loss revision?

No, because of the amount of tissue and skin laxity involved in massive weight loss, the best solution is still surgical. However; non-invasive thermal treatments like Venus Freeze® have been known to promote faster healing after a cosmetic surgery. Ask Dr. Bloch if you would benefit from the treatment during your recovery. Generally, it is recommended that patients looking for help losing their last 10 to 15 pounds look into body contouring methods. 

Are there any other treatment restrictions to be aware of?

A consultation with Dr. Bloch can help answer that question in more detail. The treatment is FDA approved. It has been approved for use on both men and women. Any and all skin types can benefit because there is no pain involved and it does not harm the surrounding tissue. Venus Freeze® has been advertised as a risk-free weight loss solution, but it is wise to talk about any possible problems that might apply to your particular case with Dr. Bloch. If this treatment isn’t the right one for you, he will find the one that is.

Use Venus Freeze on your:

·         Arms

·         Abdomen

·         Thighs

·         Buttocks

·         Neck

·         Face

Achieve dramatic results in a fraction of the time with no recovery time needed. Get in, get, out, and be ready to take on the demands of your day-whatever they may be.

If Venus Freeze® sounds like the solution you’ve been looking for; call Dr. Bloch today.

All it takes is one phone call to set up a spa consultation and you could be on your way to a non-invasive physical transformation. Best of all, the weight comfortably melts away right before your eyes. Your search for a non-invasive body contouring solution is over. Call today and get more information on how Venus Freeze® can help you achieve the results you’ve been dreaming of.




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